Bob Riggio KNBN NBC News, Biography, Age, Wife, and Net Worth

Bob Riggio Biography

Bob Riggio is an American journalist working as a meteorologist for KNBN NBC News. Riggio got a Bachelor of Science certification in meteorology from Penn State University and a Masters’ certification in Meteorology from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.

Riggio has been hitched to his significant other, Linda, for the beyond 30 or more years, and together have three kids and five grandkids.

While not working at NewsCenter1 you can find Bob outside either fly fishing, playing golf, playing tennis, snow skiing, or riding his bike; assuming the rainclouds blow over obviously.

Bob Riggio KNBN NBC News

For the beyond 45 years, Riggio has determined the climate for Air Force pilots, government authorities, industry, and TV-led cloud and precipitation research and revealed the weather conditions’ effect on air quality.

Bob Riggio KNBN
Bob Riggio KNBN

He composed a week after week paper climate segment and introduced various public talking commitments to nearby authorities, municipal gatherings, schools, and industry on different climate subjects.

Bob has been effectively involved for a long time with the Rapid City Air Quality Board and stays dynamic with the Salvation Army.


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Bob Riggio Age

Information about his age will be updated as soon as possible.

Bob Riggio Wife

He is married to Linda. He has been married to Linda for more than 30 years. The couple has three kids together and five grandchildren.

Bob Riggio Height

He is approximately 5’9” tall.

Bob Riggio Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of between $1 million and $5 million.

Bob Riggio Twitter

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