Destry Jetton Biography, Age, Husband, Arizona Midday, and Net Worth

Destry Jetton Biography

Destry Jetton is an American journalist working as the host of Arizona Midday for KPNX 12 News. She is an Arizona local who adores our state. She moved on from Tempe High School (Go Buffaloes!!) and went to Arizona State University (Go Devils!!).

She has two degrees, one in Elementary Education and one in Broadcast Journalism. She graduated Summe Cum Laude. Destry’s family is generally essential to her. She has a twin sister, a more youthful sister, and 3 siblings.

She likewise has two offspring of her own – Hayden and Blythe. Destry has been hitched to her secondary school darling, Terry, for a considerable length of time.

For entertainment only Destry loves going to Arizona Cardinals and ASU football match-ups, climbing in the Valley’s delightful mountains, perusing, and doing hot yoga.

Destry Jetton
Destry Jetton

Destry Jetton KPNX 12 News

Jetton is the host and leader maker of Arizona Midday. Destry began her telecom vocation interning in the 12 News newsroom. Her first occupation was in St. Joseph, Missouri where she was the 10 pm anchor and zeroed in on anecdotes about training.

She takes care of everything in Missouri from record-breaking blizzards to pursuing an ostrich running wild! After St. Joseph, Destry went to Waco, Texas where she covered the Presidential Race, cyclones, The Davidian Compound, and other issues on everyone’s minds nearby.

Most of late, she worked in Tucson, Arizona as the morning show anchor. While in Tucson Destry provided details regarding many breaking stories like the September eleventh fear-based oppressor assaults, the University of Arizona shooting, and tragically, numerous AZ out of control fires.

Right now, on Arizona Midday, Destry has talked with many stars from Jessica Lange to Zac Efron. During the 2015 Super Bowl in Glendale, Destry and her AZ Midday group took the show live on the spot at Super Bowl Central in Downtown Phoenix.

On a normal day, Destry cooks with the Valley’s top gourmet specialists, shares the coolest specialties with the watchers at home, and gets the local area’s recommendation on a scope of subjects from home stylistic layout to business news.

KPNX 12 News Team

  1. Jan D’Atri
  2. Lina Washington
  3. Jen Wahl
  4. Erica Stapleton
  5. Colleen Sikora
  6. Josh Sanders
  7. Lauren Rainson
  8. William Pitts
  9. Luke Lyddon
  10. Adriana Loya
  11. Jamie Kagol
  12. Michael Doudna
  13. Niala Charles
  14. Bianca Buono
  15. Brahm Resnik
  16. Joe Dana
  17. Trisha Hendricks
  18. Rachel Cole
  19. Mitch Carr
  20. Vanessa Ramirez
  21. Krystle Henderson
  22. Emma Jade
  23. Emily Pritchard
  24. Rachel McNeill
  25. Scott McDonnell
  26. Cameron Cox
  27. Lindsay Riley
  28. Tram Mai
  29. Caribe Devine
  30. Mark Curtis

Destry Jetton Age

She was born in Arizona. Information about her age will be updated as soon as possible.

Destry Jetton Husband

She is married to Terry and the couple has two children together, Hayden and Blythe.

Destry Jetton Height

She is 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Destry Jetton Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of between $1 million and $5 million.

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