Hunter Donahoe KTEN News, Biography, Age, Wife, and Net Worth

Hunter Donahoe Biography

Hunter Donahoe is an American journalist working as a meteorologist for KTEN NBC ABC News. He is originally from Frederick, Maryland.

Donahoe joined the KTEN Weather group subsequent to moving on from Pennsylvania State University in May 2022 with a four-year certification in Meteorology and Environmental Science, with an emphasis on estimating and correspondence.

Donahoe appreciates hunting, fishing, kayaking, climbing, farming, and rooting for his Dallas Cowpokes and Penn State Nittany Lions. You can email Donahoe at and you can follow him on Twitter @HDonahoeWX.

Hunter Donahoe KTEN News

Donahoe is a KTEN Weather meteorologist.

Hunter Donahoe KTEN
Hunter Donahoe KTEN


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Hunter Donahoe Age

He is originally from Frederick, Maryland. Information about his age will be updated as soon as possible.

Hunter Donahoe Wife

Information about his wife will be updated as soon as possible.

Hunter Donahoe Height

He is approximately 5’9” tall.

Hunter Donahoe Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of between $100, 000 and $1 million.

Hunter Donahoe Twitter

CLICK HERE to visit his Twitter page.

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